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University of Turin – Center for Molecular Biotechnologies (MBC)

The University of Turin is one of the oldest Italian universities, offers a wide panorama of degree courses (over 190), and first-level specialist, Master of first and second level and other educational activities. Within the University of Turin will be involved in this project two centers: the Center for Molecular Biotechnology (MBC).

In Molecular Biotechnology Center (MBC) held training activities, research, research support Centres (high technology) and technology transfer (incubator business ideas). In MBC operating research groups for years collaborated with each other. Researchers working at the MBC have experience in the fields of cell and molecular biology, in chemistry, in Molecular Genetics and hematology and in fact the individual research units are already extensively involved in activities in the field of biotechnology and many of their research has resulted in the filing of patents and their practical exploitation in collaboration with a number of companies interested in their development. A more intense and continuous exchange of scientific experience is a prerequisite for the evolution of a modern research that can lead to relapse as biotechnological applications in the arguments of the frontiers of knowledge.

The Center for Molecular Biotechnology (MBC) 5000 square meters of laboratories in addition to 400 square meters of Cell Factory with 4 bedrooms sterile for cell manipulation for clinical practice.

For the preclinical testing we have available a facility of experimental animals, genetic manipulation at the level P3 in vitro and in vivo molecular imaging in vivo and in vitro, the production of antibodies poly and monoclonal antibodies, a service center and histology stem cells, a unit of bioinformatics.

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