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POLITO (Politecnico of Turin)

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace (DIMEAS) of the Polytechnic of Turin is the frame of reference of the University in the cultural area that covers a broad spectrum of areas related to manufacturing typical of an advanced industrial society, with activities ranging from the domains more classics to the border areas of mechanics, aeronautics, and biomedical engineering.

The DIMEAS promotes, coordinates and manages the basic research and applied research, training, technology transfer and services to the area with reference to the areas of automotive, aviation, railway, textile, food, space exploration, systems engineering and Biomedical Engineering.

The group of Industrial Bioengineering, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace (DIMEAS), consists of three Professors, one Associate Professor and a number of more than 24 doctoral students (PhD) and Post-doc. The group of Industrial Bioengineering participates in national and international research programs in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, molecular bioactive systems, design biomolecular modeling of multiscale and multiphysics applied  to biological systems, artificial and  bioartificial, cardiovascular fluid dynamics of polymer synthesis, design and characterization of drug delivery systems, the design, layout and development of bioreactors active.

The research facilities of the Group are divided into two main units, one directed to studies of experimental and computational biomechanics and oriented towards the study of biomaterials and bionanotechnology, through a variety of experimental activities.

The group has different commercial and open source in the field of CFD (Fluent, OpenFOAM), mechanics and molecular dynamics (HyperChem, Gromacs, Material Studio), multiphysics code (COMSOL), mathematics (Matlab, Mathematica), structural analysis (Abaqus , Ansys, Nastran), size and shape optimization (OPTISTAT), image analysis (IMAGE PRO PLUS).

Hardware equipment include: A cluster consists of one rack SUN Workstation SunFire X4450 quad core and six Quad- core workstations SunFire X4450 rack for a total of 106 CPU, a nanoindenter / Nanoscratch Testing System for the characterization  of  surfaces  with  nanometer   resolution;   bioreactors   for   tissue   engineering   applications. The group also benefits from computing resources from the CILEA consortium on the basis of a formal agreement between the DIMEAS and CILEA. Furthermore, the group of industrial bioengineering is equipped with an experimental laboratory with the following equipment: for molecular exclusion chromatograph (HPLC 1200 series, Agilent Technologies); differential scanning calorimeter (Spectrum100, Perkin Elmer); analyzer nano particles (Zetasizer Nano S90, Malvern Instruments); spectrophotometer UV / Vis (Lambda 25, Perkin Elmer); fluorimeter (LS55, Perkin Elmer); scanning electron microscope (VP 1400 Series, LEO Instruments); Freeze dryer (CoolSAFE, Scanvac), instrumentation for sensing and control bioreactors, pumps, filters and devices for circuits biofluidodinamici.

Over the past 5 years the group has contributed to scientific research with more than 100 peer-reviewed articles in international journals, invited review of international books and more than 80 presentations at international conferences.

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