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Lipogems International Spa

The activity of research, development, production, industrialization and marketing, on the own behalf and on the behalf of third parties of: Thechnology, procedures, products and services in the field of regenerative medicine and surgery, of molecular and cellular medicine with the use of stem cells, genetics and diagnostics.

The organization, the promotion and the updating of scientific courses.

Lipogems International Spa was born with the aim of manufacturing systems and technologies for biological human tissues’ regeneration.

The activity of research, development and industrialization of technologies in the field of regenerative medicine and surgery leaded the Company to develop different patents concerning molecular and cellular medicine that have materialized in the manufacturing of human tissues’ processing systems

Adipose Tissue processing) and in mesenchimal stem cells’ separation.

The know how and the scientific research are the main elements that allowed the realization of national and international projects for human tissues’ banking in full compliance of the regulations. The continuous scientific and technological updating allow the company to be an important reality in the international biotechnology scenery.

The company is actively collaborating with important national and international R&D centers for the development of advanced technologies in human tissues and cells’ processing for transplant, and in general, in the field of regenerative medicine and surgery.

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