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The company was founded in 1980 by dr. Roger Cadossi, hematologist at the University of Modena and researcher in the field of Clinical Biophysics, with a particular interest in the medical applications of electromagnetic fields and ultrasound techniques for diagnostic purposes. IGEA is engaged in research in the field of biophysics clinic, with the goal of developing innovative and effective use in medicine for preventive diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. IGEA is a partner of  the consortium  ICEMB. The initial specialization of  the company concerned generators of  pulsed electromagnetic fields for bone regeneration to accelerate the reduction of fractures. Following IGEA has developed the Bone Profiler a diagnostic tool that allows the assessment densitometric-structural bone through the analysis of ultrasonic signals (U.S.). Since 2000 IGEA electroporation of cell membranes is responsible for clinical and research applications and has participated in three European projects: Cliniporator and ESOPE (FP) and ANGIOSKIN (VI FP). IGEA Cliniporator ® is the manufacturer of the electrochemotherapy of cutaneous and subcutaneous. Over the past three years IGEA developed Cliniporator VITAE for the treatment of deep-seated tumors, co-financed by the Ministry of Economic Development, Law 46/82 Project No. A20/1837/00/X06, entitled: Study and Development of an Innovative Technology Platform for electroporation (PTE) for the Treatment of Cancer Deep. IGEA innovative products are built on a solid foundation of science and technology, in close collaboration with academic research centers and private, in Europe and in the USA. These devices use digital technology and analog, and advanced computer applications, such as fuzzy logic and neural networks. All products are designed so as to provide health professionals easy to use tools for an immediate and useful application. The Quality System of IGEA complies with EN ISO 9001:2000 (CSQ: Certificate No. 9120.IGEA). The declaration of conformity has been issued by the FDA for the production of medical equipment for export to USA. IGEA is a company certified in accordance with EN ISO 13485:2000 for the manufacture, sale and rental  of  medical  equipment.  The  company  is  registered  IQNet  and  has  been  certified  for  its  quality  system (Registration No. IT IQNet – 1059).

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