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Genomnia Srl

Genomnia is an SME established in October 2008 in order to offer services of massive sequencing and bioinformatics analysis. Genomnia also acts as a partner of private and public research institutions for research projects that relate to the areas of genomics, transcriptomics and dell’epigentetica. In addition to experience in the field of molecular biology, the company skills cover the field of bioinformatics data analysis of massive sequencing, applied to biomedicine projects: qualitative and quantitative analysis of the transcriptome, identification and profiling of miRNA identification and annotation of lncRNA, detection of mutations targeted resequencing and analysis.

Our laboratories are spread over 300 square meters of surface area and are equipped with advanced equipment and specialized personnel in contact with scientific advisers. Genomnia has recently upgraded the sequencing platform to version Applied Biosystems SOLiD ™ 5500 XL-s with enrichment system parallel EZbead, able to generate 180GB per stroke.

It’s possible to sequence fragment libraries with reading up to 75bp, or PE up to 75×35 and 60×60 libraries Mate Paired up to bp. The coding system with two bases (Color Space) and the ‘use of the ECC module (Exact Call Chemistry) can reach levels of accuracy up to 99.99%, making the SOLiD ™ is particularly suited to the study of the characteristics of the genome and in particular to’ identification of variations, also present at low frequency. The efficient system of barcoding, up to 96 allows to complete the sequencing of a large number of samples to economically most advantageous conditions without risks. Finally, the wide dynamic range and high sensitivity make this technology particularly suitable for the analysis of accurate quantitative changes to  low levels of expression of RNA. The laboratories are specifically designed in accordance with the guidelines of ABI for a massive sequencing facility with SOLiD ™ platform, minimizing the levels of cross contamination: Laboratory for the preparation of libraries, a Laboratory for E-PCR Laboratory of Deep Sequencing Bioinformatics Unit.

Genomnia has invested significant resources to acquire internal infrastructure bioinformatic analysis, described in a specific card, both in terms of hardware and software in terms of dedicated senior staff with specific expertise in the analysis of massive sequencing data, quantitative analysis and system management.

The purpose of the Bioinformatics Unit Genomnia is, first, to provideour customers and employees high-quality sequences SOLiD ™ mapped unambiguously on thereference genome, annotated and classified with the highest degree of precision and information and counted with the utmostprecision. The ability of current bioinformatics analysis arefortmente addressed the identification and annotation of sequences and include the analysis of the transcriptome encoding is that non-coding human and model organisms; approaches based on the genome (analysis of variants or the adverts – deletions; prediction and recognition of promoters correlate with gene structure,recognition of signals in the genome, analysis of quantitative data(exploratory data analysis, univariate and multivariate approaches, construction of linear models). It ‘also available l’ bioinformatic analysis of quantitative PCR data. Genomnia offers solutionsdesigned specifically for your investigation of genomics andtranscriptomics through the provision of advice and support for the development of your project.

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