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AT Grade

  1. AT GRADE has been started thanks to the acquired experience of the founding partners in the management and the implementation of pharmaceutical laboratories and specifically in the processation of human tissue and cells and the implementation of dedicated scaffold aimed at the creation of therapeutic advanced aids within the tissutal engineering ambit. At Grade contract manages cell therapies laboratories for tissutal and cell banks granting industrial preparation and manufacturing of advanced therapeutic aids within pharmaceutical grade by providing technology, qualified personnel, service and consultancy for the GMP laboratory compliances.

    A proposed model is the cooperation between private companies and public institutions in full respect of the legislation in force for the management of manufacturing process for clinical application advanced therapy systems. Under the statements of dedicated agreements it provides public institutions the management of laboratories granting the following services:

    • Management of raw materials used within the processation
    • Cure and care of tissue samples to being processed
    • Processation of cells (expansion, seeding on scaffold, analysis) with high qualified personnel
    • Logistics (biopsies transportation and finished products)
    • Skid and laboratory machinery management
    • Scientific and medical information on the whole territory
    • High technology and Knowhow supplying

      The scientific and clinical evolution in the regeneration of human tissues has brought the company to sign important collaboration agreements with Italian and international companies and spin offs as to easily implement – upon research activities, biological matrixes to speed the tissue restoration processes. Such matrixes, obtained thanks to human tissues donations or artificially, are used as vehicle for the seeding of expanded cells in laboratory or separated with minimal manipulation aiming at on site clinical application intervention.

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