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AB Tremila srl

AB Tremila srl is an innovative and avant-gardecompany, working in research and experimental development services in natural sciences, engineering and biotechnology, with the objective to develop, manufacture and market therapeutical products and innovative medical devices. In order to develop skills and knowledge in scientific research and development, has entered, into partnerships with other businesses and / or research organizations, including: the Consortium Technopole Castel Roman Institutions ETH Zurich and University of Zurich and, in Particular, with Prof. Peter Neuenschwander of Baden, the National Research Council, and in Particular with the Institute of Molecular Sciences and Technologies.

AB Tremila is investing in the development of regenerative medicine and, in Particular, in research aimed at regenerating new organs and / or diseased tissues, Also starting from the results Obtained from Degrapol, as well as in the search for a system of innovative polymers capable of controlling the “homing and migration” of cells in order to Encourage the regeneration of cells and tissues. THREE THOUSAND AB has made an important scientific research project called “Degrapol” Notice of funding available under the “Innovation Project 2010″ Allocated by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome.

AB Tremila finally, working with AB MEDICAL spa in the development of joint projects and Initiatives which Are charachterized by a high level of scientific and technical complexity with the aim of concluding future partnership agreements for the marketing of products / services from results on projects .

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