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AB MEDICA SPA operates in the marketing of medical products, electrical equipment, prostheses, medical equipment, scientific apparatus and instruments, health products and medical and surgical devices in general. Since 2004 AB MEDICA SPA is also a production center and a scientific park for research and development, engaged in the design and manufacture of a wide range of products and projects ranging from procedural kits, disposable wide range of instruments for minimally invasive surgery. The reached also ambitious achievements in the field of stem cells and genomics. Thank to collaboration with the most prestigious medical and surgical departments of the country AB MEDICA has a long list of scientific and clinical records including the introduction of the first multilumen catheter in anesthesia, the disclosure of the first techniques of interventional neuroradiology and launch dell’Amplatzer for the treatment of congenital heart diseases.

AB MEDICA invests heavily in R & D, and is active in participating in bids for funding at European, national and regional level in order to support, validate, enhance and promote their initiatives in R & D, like innovation in eHealth, smart communities, medical device and enabling technology. In this constant technological growth AB MEDICA is also investing in the development of regenerative medicine, which represents for the Group an innovative scope of application that in the near future can revolutionize the treatment approach for certain degenerative diseases, and, in particular, in Development of an elastic biocompatible and degradable polymer designed for medical applications, tissue culture and tissue engineering, called Degrapol ®.

The Degrapol ® is a polyurethane that degrades slowly, has variables mechanical properties and a kinetics degradation according to the composition and structure. The Degrapol was born in tissue engineering seen as a multidisciplinary project that breaks new ground, especially in research to regenerate new organs and / or diseased tissues, and has already proven to be suitable to regenerate cells and tissues due to the fact that it is a biocompatible and biodegradable polymer whose mechanical and elastic characteristics are adjustable depending on the tissue that you want to regenerate.

The interest of AB MEDICA is the search for a system of innovative polymers capable of controlling the “homing and migration” of cells in order to encourage the regeneration of cells and tissues, as well as finalize and test the application of Degrapol for ├Čobtaining autologous tissues capable of favoring the re-growth, migration and cell regeneration, to be implanted for example in the regeneration of cardiovascular tissue and the endovascular treatment of aneurysms.AB MEDICA is equipped with laboratories,advanced equipment and specialized personnel in contact with scientific advisers.

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